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Roundtable debate: Current challenges in asylum and immigration

Inside Foro this Roundtable aims to study the relevant current challenges of the asylum and immigration policy. Bearing in mind the fact that the management of all these challenges poses a risk to the values, principles and interests of the international society and its members, a multifaceted approach is needed so as to give a clear picture of the problems the European Union now faces and to present suitable solutions. Therefore, although the European institutional and political / legal framework is the main object to be analyzed and explained, we should bear in mind that the international legal framework is universal and, consequently, European law can be understood as a normative subsystem. At the same time, the analysis will take into account the legal, political and social approaches to the subject matter of the Member States themselves.
The aim of this Roundtable is therefore to bring together not only international experts, but also representatives of the civil society and the economic sectors concerned, as well as officials from the EU and Member States or those specifically interested in the subject. The list of participants in the Roundtable includes key project staff, such as national and international experts, academics, practitioners, policy makers in governments and the civil society, whose names will be included in the specific programs for each activity. The methodology combines presentations by and discussions among the Roundtable members.

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