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A more social Europe: citizenship, asylum and immigration (MORE-UE)

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Prof. Dra. Ana Fernández Pérez, Academic Coordinator. Associate Professor of Private International Law (UAH) / Member of several university research projects. Expertise on Fundamental Rights  in Private International Law, Immigration, Asylum, Minors; Environment and sustainable development. PhD on migrations, 4 published books (three on immigration), coordinator of 3 monographs, 20 book chapters, 30 scientific articles, many of which on migration and fundamental rights.
undefinedProf. Dr. José María Espinar Vicente, Staff Member. Born in Madrid in 1950, graduated in Law from the University of Granada in 1972. In 1982 he obtained by competition-opposition the position of University Professor in the area of private international law, having performed in the Universities of Cádiz, Málaga and Alcalá.He has been a member of the Spanish Delegation at the Hague Conference on Private International Law. He is part of the Academic Committee of the Diplomatic School since 2005. He has been Secretary of the Social Council, General Secretary and Dean of the Faculty of Law at the University of Alcalá. He is the author of twenty monographs in the field of his specialty, twenty-eight collaborations in collective works and more than fifty articles in specialized magazines. He has been principal investigator in projects financed by public and private entities.
undefinedProf. Dra. Monserrat Guzmán Peces, Staff Member. Assistant Professor of International Private Law (UAH). Law degree from the University of Alcalá (1993). PhD in Law from the University of Alcalá, awarded with unanimous Cum Laude (2004). As a Professor at Undergraduate level, at the Degree in Law and at the Double Degree in Law and Business Administration, she has taught different subjects: Nationality and Extraction, Community Law and Private International Law and International Commercial Law, among others. She has also lectured at specific courses offered by the University of Alcalá (i.e. Spanish law for foreign jurists –2003-2017).Professor at the Master’s Course on Immigration from the Institute of Latin American Studies (2007-2011).
undefinedProf. Dra. María Martínez Carmena, Staff Member. Assistant Professor of International Public Law (UCLM). Since the academic year 1999/2000 until the current date, teacher of International Public Law and International Economic Cooperation Law. Organization and/or participation as a lecturer in thirty courses, seminars, conferences, talks and round tables related to security and defense, environment, international terrorism, human rights, gender equality, humanitarian aid, transnational corporations, NGOs, refugees crisis, globalization, migration policy in the Trump Administration, etc. 
undefinedProf. Dra. Marta Aguilar Gil, Staff Member. Assistant Professor of Sociology (University of Seville).  She has participated both as chief researcher or collaborating researcher in 15 research projects on multiculturalism, social services, education, socio-demographic analysis, etc., both at regional, national and international level. This research has resulted in the presentation of 17 communications at different congresses and the publication of scientific articles and 12 books and book chapters. Her main lines of research include social policies, multiculturalism, social organizations and health issues. Her latest works are related to citizen participation and the democratization of organizations.
undefinedProf. Dr. José María Bleda García, Staff Member. Assistant professor for 30 years in various degrees, degrees and masters. For 23 years he has held management positions in various public administration centers. He has participated in 44 regional, national and international research projects as IP or collaborating researcher. From these investigations there has been a transfer of the results in the presentation of 64 communications to congresses, published 44 scientific articles and 29 books and book chapters. He has been responsible for 3 contracts with companies or organizations. Finally, he has carried out research stays in Chile, Libya, Portugal and France. 
undefinedCarmen Pineda Nebot. Staff member. Researcher (Independent). Bachelor of Law and Bachelor of Political Science and Administration. Independent Consultant of Public Administrations. GEGOP-CLACSO researcher. Member of the Research Groups of Social Control of Public Expenditure of the Department of Public Administration of the São Paulo State University (UNESP) and of the Public Administration and Social Management of the Federal University of Viçosa (UFV), Brazil. She has advised various Public Administrations on citizen participation projects and participatory budgeting, participated in several international, national and regional research projects on public administration issues and provided training for public administration managers. Expert in issues of citizen participation and Participatory Budgeting. Author of several books and articles on citizen participation, political communication, public management and local governments.
Researcher belonging to the work work team «Espaços Deliberativos e Governança Pública» GEGOP-CLACSO, Spain.
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